Sunnyside offers its students a wide-range of activities from athletics to STEM inspired groups. Below are descriptions to most of our clubs and activities. Additional opportunities will be communicated throughout the school year. Sunnyside teachers and staff encourage all students to get involved.

 (Updated 8/14/20)

Girls STEM Club

Start Date:

Girls STEM Club will meet on Thursdays between 3:20 and 4:20 in Mrs. Scott’s Room, 108. Girls will be able to discuss STEM topics they learned in school, and collaborate with peers while working on fun STEM activities. Students will also learn about STEM opportunities in the real-world and learn about different STEM careers.

Sponsor: Erin Scott:


Sunnyside 6th GradeSIA Leadership Group

Start Date:

This is a Students in Action/Multiplying Good Leadership Student group for 6th Graders. Students are nominated by SIS teachers. Mrs. Sargent, 6th GradeHumanities Teacher, then asks these nominated 6th Graders to join the SIA/Multiplying Good Student Leadership Group.

This Sunnyside SIA group attends two leadership trainings at Purdue University during the school year- one in October and one in January. Our Lafayette Sunnyside SIA Leadership group will then create a service project for the school. We then will compete against other LSC and TSC schools to see which area school best creates, executes and promotes their service project at the April 2020 North Central SIA/Jefferson Awards/Multiplying Good Competition at Lafayette SIA/Subaru.

Sponsor: Dawn Sargent:


FIRST LEGO League Robotics Club

Start Date: 

Why do we have a robotics club? To give boys and girls an opportunity to use science, math, and technology concepts in a game competition format. We are looking for programmers, designers, builders, researchers, and presenters for these events. More information about the FIRST LEGO League can be found at

Sponsors: Brian Alicia 8492

Additional Information: We will dismiss the activity bus riders in time to catch their buses, but we will work until 4:30 for car riders and walkers. We will dismiss from the doors by the main office (26thStreet).


SWAG (Students with a Goal)

Start Date:

SWAG is an afterschool homework club that meets Monday-Thursday. This is a great opportunity for students who need a quiet place to work afterschool, need access to wifi, or would benefit from opportunities to get help on homework from teachers in the building.

Sponsor: Sarah

Additional Information: Students will need to bring iPad, homework, and reading book daily.


Club Generations

Start Date-

Club Generations offers students with the opportunity to spend time and get to know individuals in two of our local healthcare facilities, St. Mary’s and The Springs of Lafayette. The club visits each week on Wednesdays after school.

Sponsor: Christina Stanfield:


5/6 Grade Girls Volleyball

Start Date:

Our girls volleyball team is open to anyone who can make it to practice the first few days!We will not be having tryouts.We are focusing on learning basic skills and having the girls fall in love with the sport.We will have 4 games.2 will be here at Sunnyside, one at Lafayette Christian, and one at St. James.Transportation will be provided to the games.We will be getting together 3 times a week.Practice will be over every day at 4:20pm.Students can ride the activity bus, which will drop them off at the elementary school closest to where they live, they can take theCity Bus, or they can be picked up by a guardian. There is no cost to be on the volleyball team.

Coach Ashley Baldwin: or Coach Kelsey Dunham:

Additional Information: Dress: t-shirt, shorts (no spandex or skin tight shorts), and tennis shoes, hair up in a ponytail for practice and games


Intramural Boys and Girls Basketball



We will work on basic basketball skills that are essential in learning how to play the game properly. Those include but are not limited too; Dribbling, Passing, Cutting, and Shooting. At the end of each day we will either play an organized game or participate in a fun shooting contest. Please note, this is NOT the actual 5th or 6th grade team. This is an after school program that focuses on drills and we will not be playing any real games.

Boys Contact: Will Abdon:

Girls Contact: Andy Baker:


Sunnyside Ambassadors

Start Date: Year round (5th graders selected in April) End Date:

Sunnyside Ambassadors are 6th grade student representatives for the school who give tours, assist during choir, band, and orchestra concerts, and help with our annual school food drive. The Ambassadors also help raise money for local organizations and participate in other community projects. Students are recommended by a teacher at the end of 5th grade and are selected based on merit.We have approximately seven meetings during the school year and students are expected to work at least four events outside of regular school hours.

Sponsor: Jen Fultz:


6th Grade Cheerleading

We start in August (club is at capacity)

When to sign-up for cheerleading:

We have cheer call-outs in May for any 5th grader who will be a 6th grader when we return to school in August.—Be sure to listen to the announcements for sign-up dates!

Since cheerleading begins the second week of school, we prefer and highly encourage any student interested to sign up on time.

We have 15 spots available;first come, first serve!

Cheerleading details:

We practice twice a week after school in the auditorium (3:20-4:20).The Activity bus is available and we appreciate prompt pick-ups if you are a car-rider.:)

We cheer at all Sunnyside home games (usually only 3-4 games)

No experience is necessary!We want to get the girls interested in Cheerleading!!

We work closely with Tecumseh cheerleaders, so that if you choose to try-out at TJHS as a 7th grader you are a bit more prepared.

We encourage all cheerleaders to live the Broncho Way inside and outside of school.Cheerleaders should be a positive reflection of our school and our community.

What do you need?

Cheer fees will cover your uniform, which we will order. (cheer shirt and shorts)

You will need to provide your own white tennis shoes.

For practice, you should bring athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and your tennis shoes to school to change into before practice.

Sunnyside Cheer Coaches: Dawn and Cassie


Boys Book Club

Start Date:check back!

The Boys’ Book Club is an afterschool activity of the Sunnyside Library. Come to meet with other boys who like to read!

Each week we will have an adult guest who will relate his experiences with reading. You will do projects and activities that will stimulate your imagination and curiosity.


Sponsor: Mrs Custer:



The Broncho Game Club is a drop-in program available to all Sunnyside Students on Wednesday nights from after school until 5:30 (rides need to be arranged ahead of time and pick up is out by the auditorium near Cason St.). Student may use the activity bus at 4:20 to leave if they want. The Broncho Game Club supports board games, role playing games, card games, and table-top war games (basically everything OTHER than video games). Each season the Broncho Game Club also offers an Evening of Games with a tournament in a game selected by the students themselves.

Sponsor: Louis Hoefer:



The Sunnyside 4H Club is part of the International 4H program, and provides year-long meetings and activities designed to improve a student’s knowledge (heads), participation in good citizenship (hearts), healthy choices (health), and career and hobby skills (hands). We do a very wide range of activities that change all the time -looking for things that are very adventurous and inspirational to the students. Past activities include units on first aid, archery, arboreal climbing, baking, fishing, public address, music-video making, natural resource conservation, woodworking, model-making, photography, and much more…. Starting this year the club will meet once a month from afterschool until 7:30 (dinner will be included, rides must pick up the students by the auditorium doors near Cason St.) as well as a special event (such as a field trip or family night) every other month. Calendars will be passed out at the meetings. Participants may participate in the fair, but are not required to.

Sponsor: Louis Hoefer:


Cross Country

Cross Country running is a sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain. Our course is a 1 kilometer loop made up of approximately 90% grass, 5% mulch and 5% pavement with some small hills. The course is located behind Hiatt and Murdock Elementary. It incorporates no road crossings or sidewalks. While being physically active in a supportive environment students will learn the basics of distance running including: dynamic stretching, pacing speeds, racing speeds, varying distances and teamwork.
Cross Country meets Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 3:20-4:20. Activity bus is available at 4:30. Sign up sheets are in the rack by the Fitness Center!

Sponsor: Jim Bennett:


Cooking Club

Cooking club is a club for students who want to know what to have when there is no one to cook for them, or students who want to learn more about cooking. They will learn how to prepare all types of dishes and be able to sample them to see what they like. They will socialize with friends around a table, as they try new and fresh recipes chosen with them in mind. They will receive recipes and tips for how to adapt recipes to their liking.

Cooking Club meets 1-2 times a month.

Sponsor: Kathy Trillingham: