For 5th Graders:

Exploratory Music Class of 2027

Exploratory Music Schedule: 

Exploratory Music is a 9 week course that will follow the schedule below: 

Week 1:  Introduction to Exploratory Music and to the Musical instrument families.  Students will meet the Sunnyside Music Team, Mrs. Boyer and Mr. Eddy (Band), Mrs. Redick (Choir), and Mrs. Ridge (Orchestra).  They will learn the expectations and objectives of the class, be introduced to each of the four musical instrument families (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, and Strings), and participate in a brief musical aptitude survey.  

Week 2 - 6:  Vocal exploration, and Band and Orchestra pull outs for musical instrument try ons including percussion auditions.  Students will participate in vocal exploratory class in a performing choir atmosphere.  They will get a taste of what it will be like to be in the 6th grade performing choir, and be able to make a confident decision about enrolling in choir for their 6th grade school year.  There will be an opportunity to sign up to be in the 6th grade performing choir.

During this time, students will also be pulled out of the choir class for individual try on sessions with Mrs. Boyer and Mrs. Ridge to determine their best fit band and orchestra instruments.  All students will be screened for their rhythmic aptitude as well in a percussion try on with Mr. Finger, LSC percussion director.  An email will be sent to students and parents sharing the results of the instrument try ons, and inviting parents to attend the sign up meeting to enroll his/her child in the 6th grade performing band and orchestra.  

Week 7 - 9:  Focused instrumental exploration in Mini-Band or Mini-Orchestra. Students will have chosen their favorite instrument from the four instrument families to try during the three week focus session that replicates the performing bands and orchestras of 6th grade.  Our hope is that students will get an authentic experience on the instrument in order to make a confident decision about what he/she would like to play in the 6th grade performing band or orchestra. 

End of quarter:  Parent meeting for students who would like to enroll in the 6th grade performing band or orchestra.  Parents will reserve their child's spot in the band or orchestra, and order their instrument and supplies.  The expectation is that all students start their instrument at the summer band or orchestra camp following the 5th grade school year.  It is held at Sunnyside and is free to all beginning band students living in the Lafayette school district.  However, if a student is unable to attend the summer program, he/she will still be able to start at Sunnyside in the fall when the school year begins.

Exploratory Music Objectives: 

Student Objectives: 

  • Students will be able to recognize and categorize the major instruments in the four musical instrument families. 
  • Students will be able to use their singing voice to make music in a large choir setting. 
  • Students will be able to choose a musical instrument that appeals to him/her and also is a good fit for his/her innate musical abilities. 
  • Students will understand their choices for 6th grade in music.
  • Students will be able to make a confident decision about whether to join the 6th grade band, choir, orchestra, band/choir split, or orchestra/choir split.  

Parents Objectives: 

  • Parents will be informed about opportunities for 6th grade music. 
  • Parents will be informed about their child's progress and options for musical instruments to play. 
  • Parents will be invited to enroll their child in band, choir, or orchestra for 6th grade. 
  • Parents will be informed about options for obtaining an instrument and supplies for 6th grade band and orchestra, as well as options for financial assistance if needed.  
  • Parents will be informed about the opportunity for their child to attend the free band or orchestra summer camp held at Sunnyside during the summer following the student's 5th grade year.  

6th Grade Music Options: 

These are your choices for sixth grade music: 

  • Band full time (Woodwind, Brass or Percussion)
  • Orchestra full time (String)
  • Choir full time (Voice)
  • Band/Choir split (Band Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Choir Tuesday, Thursday)*
  • Orchestra/Choir split (Orchestra Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Choir Tuesday, Thursday)**
  • Exploratory 6 (Non-music, project based academic class that students take if they are not interested in joining band, orchestra, or choir)

* Students who choose to do the Band/Choir split must participate in the summer program.  Percussion students are highly encouraged to enroll in band full time in the 6th grade (no choir), unless they are taking private percussion lessons, and are highly encouraged to attend the summer program.

**Students who choose to do the Orchestra/Choir split must participate in the summer program.  

How to Sign Up for 6th Grade Music Classes: 


Your child will be given the opportunity to sign up for choir during class time.  

The options for full time or part time choir (band or orchestra sharing) will be explained to your child before he/she signs up. See Choices for more information. However, if you need to make a change to your child's choir enrollment depending on whether he/she decides to join band or orchestra, and whether he/she can attend the summer instrumental program, you may do so at any time through the first week of your child's 6th grade school year.  

If you attend sign up night for the band or orchestra, we will use the choir option you indicate on your enrollment form.

Contact Mrs. Redick if you have questions or concerns about choir.

765-771-6100 ext. 8407, [email protected]

Band and Orchestra: 

Parents:  Please plan to attend the band and orchestra sign up meeting at the end of the quarter in which your child is enrolled in exploratory music.  Students do not have to attend the meeting, but are welcome if they prefer to come.  

This is the meeting at which you reserve your child’s spot, and order your instrument and supplies for the 6th grade band or orchestra. The meeting will be held in the Sunnyside Cafeteria at 6:30pm.

  • For students in 1st Quarter Exploratory Music: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
  • For students in 2nd Quarter Exploratory Music: Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • For students in 3rd Quarter Exploratory Music: Thursday, March 5, 2020
  • For students in 4th Quarter Exploratory Music: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

*We want everyone to be able to participate regardless of financial situation, so please attend even if you are unsure how to make it happen financially. There are options we can discuss.

Please contact Mrs. Boyer or Mr. Mui (rhymes with boy) if you have any questions or concerns, or if you are unable to attend the sign up meeting in the quarter in which your child is enrolled in exploratory music. 

Mrs. Boyer, Band, 765-771-6100 ext. 8414, [email protected]

Mr. Mui, Orchestra, 765-771-6100 ext. 8409,