For 6th Graders:

Lafayette Sunnyside Band Class of 2029

If your child is enrolled at Sunnyside in band class, Mrs. Boyer and Mr. Eddy will be sending out weekly announcements just to touch base and keep the lines of communication open.  Some students are enrolled in Mr. Eddy’s band class, and others are enrolled in Mrs. Boyer’s band class.  Mr. Eddy will be doing the bulk of the communication for the first quarter this year ([email protected] or 765-771-6100 ext. 8414).  We team teach our band classes, so every band student will work with each of us throughout the year.

All announcements and important information will be housed on your child's band canvas homepage.  We will be mindful about updating this page and Facebook, as well as sending quick notes in via the Remind service.  We welcome any and all feedback concerning communication.  Ultimately, the stronger the bond from school to home, the stronger the community in which our kids will grow and achieve.

Weekly Announcements

Good afternoon everyone!

I’ve very much enjoyed these first couple of days back to school!  Seeing the excitement and energy from the students has made the start to this year very special, and I’m looking forward to working with these groups this year.

Joining us for the first nine weeks this year is Mr. Bruce Knepper.  Mr. Knepper was a band director at Jefferson High School for 22 years, and retired just over a year ago.  He was kind enough to agree to cover Mrs. Boyer’s maternity leave, so he will be working with the band classes along with myself.  Mr. Knepper was one of my teachers when I was a student in the LSC band program, and I can speak firsthand to his wonderful teaching and playing abilities.  Mrs. Boyer will be back with the Sunnyside bands after Fall Break.  In the meantime, please direct any questions or communications to me.  Speaking of communication, we use the Remind service to send reminders and announcements throughout the school year.  If you have not already done so, please join our Remind class using the instructions attached to the email I sent.

Today in class every student received two items they should be bringing home to you.  Both of those items are also attached to the email that was sent.  The first is the Sunnyside Band Essential Information packet.  This includes information about grades, the schedule of concerts, concert uniform requirements, at-home practicing, private lessons, taking care of your instrument, band supplies, and best ways to contact us.  Please note the REQUIRED concert events on the front page of the packet.  The first required concert is Wednesday, October 12, 2022 in the Sunnyside auditorium. Times will be finalized later, but will be in the evening.  The concert will last no more than 30 minutes.

The other item is an order form for the Broncho Music polo.  This red polo shirt is our concert uniform here at Sunnyside, and should be worn with khaki on bottom (shorts, pants, joggers, skirt, etc.).  These shirts will be worn for all concerts in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  Please fill out the form and return with the money (checks payable to Sunnyside) no later than Friday, August 26.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

We will start playing in class on Monday.  Students who did not start in the summer program will be able to bring their instruments home as soon as they have been taught how to safely put them together and take them apart.

That’s all for now.  Again, if you have any questions please reach out to me.  I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.  Have a great weekend!!


Essential Parent Information

Band Supplies

See the band supplies instructions in the useful links for 6th Grade Band on this web page.


Private Lessons

The band activity is a team in which every member is important. I am so proud of our students for making the choice to apply their talents and build something meaningful together. Whether your child has experienced frustration or bliss, has struggled or excelled, he/she is a very valuable member of the group, and I want to provide you with every resource available to make the experience enriching for your child.

The best resource I can share with you is private lessons. Private lessons are for any child who would benefit from working at his/her own pace. Many very talented students are lifted up by the challenge that a private instructor can provide, and many students who struggle find their way in the structured and paced guidance that can only come with individual attention.

Many of our sectional teachers also teach private lessons, and are eager to continue working with your child. However, some of them are in very high demand and only take a limited number of students. Sunnyside competes with all schools both within the Lafayette School Corporation and outside school corporations for these very talented teachers. 

*See the updated private lesson teacher list in the useful links for 6th Grade Band on this web page. download

I hope you will consider the benefits of private instruction. If there is a financial burden preventing you from enrolling your child in private lessons, you may consider applying for a private lesson partial scholarship.  Please follow the link below to complete the application. (Links to an external site.)


  • Your child’s band grade is housed in PowerSchool.  Canvas is a tool we use to distribute assignments, but does not always reflect all of the assignments that go into your child’s grade.  So, when checking grades, know that PowerSchool has the final say. 
  • Students are required to complete a one-question quiz called the “Daily Music Minute” every day.  If your child is in choir or absent, he/she must still complete the Daily Music Minute.  Each quiz opens in Canvas on the day it is assigned, and it remains open throughout the quarter.  We will accept late grades, but if it is not completed on the day it is due, it might look like an F for a while in the grade book.  The Daily Music Minute quiz allows multiple attempts, and we expect students to take each quiz until they get the question correct.  The answer is given after each attempt.  This is a learning quiz, and so those who are absent from class will be able to use the quiz to learn what concepts we are covering in class. 
  • All Canvas assignments in band have unlimited attempts. 
  • Students also receive a weekly grade for their positive rehearsal throughout the week.  On PowerSchool, this assignment is called “Positive Rehearsal Points”.  Students earn 20 points per day for following classroom expectations.  5 points are deducted for each infraction.  The most common reason for loss of positive rehearsal points is missing materials (iPad, book, instrument, mouthpiece, mallets, etc.).  The second most common reason for loss of positive rehearsal points is disruptive behavior.  When your child is absent from band class, they automatically receive full positive rehearsal points for the day (remember they must do the Daily Music Minute).
  • Our goal is to update all band grades before sending the weekly announcement email.  So, the weekend is a good time to help your child check grades and make sure everything is turned in. 

At-Home Practice

Please encourage your child to practice at home.  The best way to encourage at-home practice is to be positive and enthusiastic about your child’s journey.  If your child has a music stand, encourage him/her to set it up somewhere and leave it up so that practice can occur.  Ask your child about the Kjos IPS app that has play along features.  Most students have downloaded the app and can now play along with the sound track at home.  The ideal practice routine is 15 - 20 minutes per day as able.  If there is a day where practice isn't possible, no worries, just practice a little more the next day.  

Protect Your Instrument and Your Child

One of our band rules is “Don’t Force It”, which means, if something feels stuck or isn’t working quite right, let your band director know instead of trying to fix it yourself.  Never use tools on your child’s instrument, and do not place any parts of it in the dishwasher.  Don’t leave instruments out in the direct heat or in a hot car for an extended period of time.  The same will apply in the winter.  The garage or car is not a safe place to keep an instrument in the winter months.  Never use bleach on your instrument or mouthpiece.  When your child is sick, you will want to sanitize the mouthpiece to prevent re-infection.  This can be done with mild household items.  Students should be cleaning their mouthpieces at least once every two weeks whether they have been ill or not. 

Golden Rules of Band

We are introducing the “Golden Rules of Band” little by little in class.

  • Bring Your Stuff, Take Home Your Stuff (all materials necessary to play your instrument in band class should be transported to and from school each day for at-home practice)
  • Play A Lot, But Only When Told (in class and at home – work out a good time for your child to check in with their instrument at home daily and get a little home practice time in)
  • Listen Always (while teacher is speaking and while classmates are playing)
  • Don't Force It (if something feels stuck or isn’t working quite right, let your band director know instead of trying to fix it yourself)
  • Leave No Trace (pick up after yourself and others)
  • No Gum, Ever

Instrument Rental, Repairs, and Maintenance

TAF = Tippecanoe Arts Federation. If your child's instrument case says TAF on it, it belongs to the TAF, and is being lent to your child free of charge for as long as he/she is in the LSC bands.  All regular repairs and maintenance is covered by the LSC. 

LSC = Lafayette School Corporation.  If your child's instrument case says L on it, it belongs to the LSC, and is being rented by you for $60 for the school year unless you qualify for free or reduced lunch, in which case, your rental fee is waived.  We will be sending invoice reminders twice before May.  Rental payments are due by the end of this school year.  All regular repairs and maintenance is covered by the LSC. 

Q&F = Quinlan and Fabish. If you are purchasing an instrument through a rental plan with Quinlan and Fabish, regular monthly payments should be made to Q&F, not to the LSC.  All repairs and maintenance checks are included in your Q&F rental program and will be done through Q&F for the duration of your rental plan.

Other.  If you own an instrument other than one from the three sources mentioned above, please make sure you get it maintained regularly through a reputable instrument repair shop.  We recommend Brent's Bench downtown on 4th street across from Buckles Feed.  Brent does all of the LSC, TSC, and Purdue instruments, and he is the best around. 

If you are planning to buy an instrument:  Be very cautious about purchasing instruments that are manufactured by a second or third tier company that does not make replacement parts.  They often make playing very difficult and often do not last more than one year.  Instead, invest in something that will work, that will last, and that is repairable. 


Message for Parents of New Students:  If you are new to us and you are getting my emails for the first time, you can visit your child’s canvas band home page to see important information you might have missed from the first few weeks of school.  If your child is frustrated and would like some additional help, don't hesitate to ask.  I would be happy to meet after school for some remediation lessons.


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