For 6th Graders:

Lafayette Sunnyside Band Class of 2027

If your child is enrolled at Sunnyside in band class, Mrs. Boyer will be sending out weekly announcements just to touch base and keep the lines of communication open.  Some students are enrolled in Mr. Eddy’s band class, and others are enrolled in Mrs. Boyer’s band class (that is me 😊).  I will be doing the bulk of the announcements and communication, but feel free to reach out to Mr. Eddy as well ( or 765-771-6100 ext. 8414).  We team teach our band classes.  Currently, flutes, low brass, and percussion are working with me; reed instruments and high brass working with Mr. Eddy.  We are both happy to help you anytime. 

6th Grade Band Announcements, week ending Jan. 15

Good afternoon!  We had a great first week back to in-person learning.  Today marks the end of the 2nd quarter.  Grades will be updated by next Tuesday, January 19. 

Thank you for your continued support.  Have a great weekend!


Upcoming and Ongoing:

Winter Concert:  The Virtual Concert Video is linked above and ready to share with family and friends.  

Solo and Ensemble Contest: This is a virtual event this year, and we will be encouraging students to enroll in a solo contest due to the COVID guidelines (ensembles require closer proximity and more supervision and will be beyond our ability to moderate during while COVID guidelines are in place).  Students will learn a solo in class and perform it for a recording with up to three attempts.  Their best recording will be sent to the Indiana State School Music Association and will earn them a rating and a medal.  For those who have registered, we will record in class during the first two weeks of February.

Message for Parents of New Students:  If you are new to us and you are getting my emails for the first time, you can visit your child’s canvas band home page (see below) or the website to see important information you might have missed from the first few weeks of school (scroll down to see “Old information for reference”).  If your child is frustrated and would like some additional help, don't hesitate to ask.  I would be happy to meet after school for some remediation lessons.


******Old information for reference:


  • Your child’s band grade is housed in PowerSchool.  Canvas is a tool we use to distribute assignments, but does not always reflect all of the assignments that go into your child’s grade.  So, when checking grades, know that PowerSchool has the final say.  
  • Students are required to complete a one-question quiz called the “Daily Music Minute” every day.  If your child is in choir or absent, he/she must still complete the Daily Music Minute.  Each quiz opens in Canvas on the day it is assigned, and it remains open throughout the quarter.  We will accept late grades, but if it is not completed on the day it is due, it might look like an F for a while in the gradebook.  The Daily Music Minute quiz allows multiple attempts, and we expect students to take each quiz until they get the question correct.  The answer is given after each attempt.  This is a learning quiz, and so those who are absent from class will be able to use the quiz to learn what concepts we are covering in class.  
  • All Canvas assignments in band have unlimited attempts 
  • Students also receive a weekly grade for their positive rehearsal throughout the week.  On PowerSchool, this assignment is called “Positive Rehearsal Points”.  Students earn 20 points per day for following classroom expectations.  5 points are deducted for each infraction.  The most common reason for loss of positive rehearsal points is missing materials (iPad, book, instrument, mouthpiece, mallets, etc.).  The second most common reason for loss of positive rehearsal points is disruptive behavior.  When your child is absent from band class, they automatically receive full positive rehearsal points for the day (remember they must do the Daily Music Minute).
  • Our goal is to update all band grades before sending the weekly announcement email.  So, the weekend is a good time to help your child check grades and make sure everything is turned in.  


At-Home Practice

Please encourage your child to practice at home.  The best way to encourage at-home practice is to be positive and spread enthusiasm about your child’s journey.  If your child has a music stand, encourage him/her to set it up somewhere and leave it up so that practice can occur.  Ask your child about the Kjos IPS app that has play along features.  Most students have downloaded the app and can now play along with the sound track at home.  I have asked everyone to try to get their instrument out to play at least once this weekend to play what they learned in class this week, and to move ahead to what we are planning to play next week.  

Protect Your Instrument and Your Child

One of our band rules is “Don’t Force It”, which means, if something feels stuck or isn’t working quite right, let your band director know instead of trying to fix it yourself.  Never use tools on your child’s instrument, and do not place any parts of it in the dishwasher.  Don’t leave instruments out in the direct heat or in a hot car for an extended period of time.  The same will apply in the winter.  The garage or car is not a safe place to keep an instrument in the winter months.  Never use bleach on your instrument or mouthpiece.  When your child is sick, you will want to sanitize the mouthpiece to prevent re-infection.  This can be done with mild household items.  Students watched videos that explained some important information for cleaning and sanitizing mouthpieces last week and can tell you all about it 😊.  Students should be cleaning their mouthpieces at least once every two weeks whether they have been ill or not.  

Golden Rules of Band

We are introducing the “Golden Rules of Band” bit by bit in class.  So far, here is what we have worked on: 

  • Bring Your Stuff, Take Home Your Stuff (all materials necessary to play your instrument in band class should be transported to and from school each day for at-home practice)
  • Play A Lot, But Only When Told (in class and at home – work out a good time for your child to check in with their instrument at home daily and get a little home practice time in)
  • Listen Always (while teacher is speaking and while classmates are playing)

Now, for info from last week:


We will be reaching out weekly through email, Canvas, Facebook, the website, Remind, and Talking Points.  Any correspondence given to your child in class will be posted on Canvas and the website, and also sent as attachments via email.  Weekly announcements will be duplicated on email, Canvas, and the website, and notices will be sent on Remind and Talking Points to alert parents that the announcements have been posted. 


To receive emails: 

If you (or another parent/guardian) do not currently receive emails about 6th grade band, you may email Mrs. Boyer ( and request to be added to the list.  


To connect to your child's Canvas Course: 

If you have not yet connected to your child's Canvas course, the following tutorial may be useful to you: Canvas - Canvas Parent App 2018.pdf (this document is also attached to this email)


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If your child is enrolled in Mrs. Boyer's Band Class (6th or 9th period bands), follow this link:

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If your child is enrolled in Mr. Eddy's Band Class (5th or 8th period bands), follow this link:

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To sign up for the Talking Points Service (particularly useful for Spanish speaking families): 

Choose one of the options below:

Concert Plan

Plan A is to hold virtual concerts. Your child will be recorded in class performing music that we will share to you in the form of a video.  This is not the most ideal platform because students will not be able to hear your applause, but we feel blessed to at least be able to teach your kiddos for now, and we pray for the ability to give them a live audience soon.


Plan B is to host live concerts here at Sunnyside.  We will keep you posted on when and if those concerts will be allowed to be held live. 


Concert Schedule (Virtual Concerts will be released the weekend after the live concert was intended to be held)



Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Fall Band Concert

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Winter Band Concert

*Percussion Only* Thursday, February 25, 2020

LSC Percussion Concert

Thursday, March 18, 2020

Early Spring Band Concert

Tuesday, May 4, 2020

Late Spring Band Concert





Reference Section

If you are interested in getting your child started in private lessons, now is a good time to contact a private instructor.  See at list of private teachers in the area who teach both live and eLearning private lessons by clicking on the "Useful Links" menu. 

Please use the following application if you are interested in applying for financial assistance for private lessons:


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