Instructor: Mrs. Ellie Boyer   

Mrs. Boyer teaches Performance Band (6th grade) and Exploratory Band (5th grade).  This page is for students, and their families, that are currently in the band or interested in joining when eligible (Sign up for current 5th grade students depends on the quarter in which they are enrolled in exploratory music.  See the link to the left "5th Grade Exploratory Music").  The page is frequently updated, so add it to your favorites for a quick reference and to stay informed. 

For 6th Grade Students 
Lafayette Sunnyside Band Class of 2024

Band Announcements for the week ending May 11.
Greetings!  Here is what is happening in band: 
Friday, May 11:  Students take their final playing exam in band class.  It is over #126 in the red book, and it will be graded with detailed playing test rubric. 
Monday, May 14:  Students will turn in their LSC and TAF instruments during band class.  The supplies that you purchased for them should be kept at home after this Friday so that they can use them for their instrument in 7th grade.  I will have baggies to put the supplies in for them if they forget to take them out.  If you are renting from LSC for next year at Tecumseh, your child will have a rental ready on their first day of band and you can pay your rental fee then.  If you are using the TAF instrument again next year, it will be returned to your child on their first day of band this summer or in the fall if they are not attending summer band.  
Wednesday, May 16:  Student will take the written final exam in band class.  There are about 35 questions, it is worth a total of 100 points, and it will cover all of the music theory we have learned this year in band.  We have been reviewing this week, and the kiddos seem well-prepared.  Students may study with the red book if they wish.  
Here are couple of housekeeping items:
1. If your child has not returned his/her large home LSC instrument, please do so by May 14th.   
2. If your child has not returned the yellow enrollment form for 7th grade, please do so ASAP even if your child is not planning to continue.  If this is the case, Mr. Parthun needs it in writing from you on that yellow form.  
3. Summer band for 7th grade (your current 6th grader) starts on June 4th at Tecumseh, weekdays from 10-10:45am, and there will be a concert at Tecumseh on July 11th at 7pm.  A bus stop schedule is now available and is linked on the home page for Band in Canvas, and will be attached to the announcement email.  
Thank you for a fantastic year!