Instructor: Mrs. Ellie Boyer   

Mrs. Boyer teaches Performance Band (6th grade) and Exploratory Band (5th grade).  This page is for students, and their families, that are currently in the band or interested in joining when eligible (Sign up for current 5th grade students depends on the quarter in which they are enrolled in exploratory music.  See the link to the left "5th Grade Exploratory Music").  The page is frequently updated, so add it to your favorites for a quick reference and to stay informed. 

For 6th Grade Students 
Lafayette Sunnyside Band Class of 2024

Locker numbers will be posted outside the Sunnyside band room on the evening of open house (July 31).

I am looking forward to the start of school! 

All band students who attended the summer band program should plan to bring their instruments to school on the first day to get used to bringing it back and forth. Some teachers will allow the smaller instruments to be kept in the classroom before your band class. Others would like students to put their instruments in their band locker before classes start. You can find your band locker number on the bulletin board outside the band room on open house night (July 31) or on the first day of school. The band room opens at 7:50am, and only band students who have instruments to put away should make the trek to the band room. Then, straight to your classrooms 

For band students who did not attend the summer program: I can't wait to get you started on your instrument!!! You can come as you are to your first band class (no instrument needed, unless you already have one to bring), and you will learn about bringing your instrument and supplies back and forth within the first week of class. I will see you all soon!

Short Version of the Band Handbook

(Access the full version of the Band Handbook here)

Private Lesson Teachers 2016.pdf