Instructor: Mrs. Ellie Boyer   

Mrs. Boyer teaches Performance Band (6th grade) and Exploratory Band (5th grade).  This page is for students, and their families, that are currently in the band or interested in joining when eligible (Sign up for current 5th grade students depends on the quarter in which they are enrolled in exploratory music.  See the link to the left "5th Grade Exploratory Music").  The page is frequently updated, so add it to your favorites for a quick reference and to stay informed. 

For 6th Grade Students 
Lafayette Sunnyside Band Class of 2023

Final announcement for beginning band class of 2023: Thanks for a great year!

As I reflect on this year with the LSC band class of 2023, it is striking to me how much progress the students made since day one last summer or fall, and it makes me excited to start the new class of beginners this summer!
Summer band for those continuing into the 7th grade band runs May 30 through July 6, weekdays 9am - 9:45am (or through 10:45am if your child is staying for the jazz band), at Tecumseh Jr. High School. There will be signs to follow when your child enters through the main doors or the athletic entrance that will guide them to the band room. I am looking forward to seeing the class of 2023 perform at the summer concert on July 6 at 7pm in the Jefferson main gym.
If you are in the mood to reminisce, you can find all of the beginning band concerts by the LSC band class of 2023 on my youtube channel.
Have a fantastic summer!

Short Version of the Band Handbook

(Access the full version of the Band Handbook here)

Private Lesson Teachers 2016.pdf