Instructor: Mrs. Ellie Boyer   

Mrs. Boyer teaches Performance Band (6th grade) and Exploratory Band (5th grade).  This page is for students, and their families, that are currently in the band or interested in joining when eligible (Sign up for current 5th grade students depends on the quarter in which they are enrolled in exploratory music.  See the link to the left "5th Grade Exploratory Music").  The page is frequently updated, so add it to your favorites for a quick reference and to stay informed. 

For 6th Grade Students 
Lafayette Sunnyside Band Class of 2024

Band Announcements for the Week Ending on October 13th
Greetings band families!  
Here is what is happening in band: 

1. The practice record that your child should be turning in this Friday is called "Practice Record 1.9", and your child should have already downloaded it to Notability to record their minutes for the week.  On Thursday night, please initial or sign the practice record in Notability on your child's iPad.  Students should have 90 minutes to earn an A.  If your child attended a concert as an audience member, please email Mrs. Boyer or Mr. Eddy, and they will be award 60 extra points on that weeks' practice record.  

2. Our field trip is on Tuesday, October 17th to Elliot Hall of Music to watch the Purdue All American Marching Band perform on stage.  All students should wear their Broncho Music polo shirts and dress code pants (does not have to be khaki).  If your child does not have the Broncho Music polo shirt, have them wear a red polo shirt (or black if they don't have red).  We will be returning to the school around 11am, so your child will have a normal lunch at school and it will be business as usual for the afternoon.  

3. The ISSMA Solo and Ensemble forms are due Friday, Oct. 20 (let me know if you need more time).  We would like to get a good idea of who will be participating so that we can start putting together groups.  We talked more with students about the contest today in class and there is a nice buzz of excitement about it.  I hope that your child will participate!  The form was in the program at the concert but we have extra if you need it in the band room.  If you would like to stop by the band room during parent teacher conferences to fill out the form and pay the fee, we will be here.

4.  We have said it to the classes, and would like to share with you how wonderful the students performed and behaved on their first concert at Sunnyside last week.  They were poised, well behaved, and professional on and off stage.  We are so proud of them, and we feel honored to be trusted with your child's musical growth.  Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Thank you for reading the band announcements :-)  We look forward to practice record 1.9, the field trip, and the solo and ensemble forms.