Sunnyside offers its students a wide-range of activities. Below are descriptions to most of our clubs and activities. Additional opportunities will be communicated throughout the school year. Sunnyside teachers and staff encourage all students to get involved.

Cheerleading Club- 6th graders learn the fundamentals of cheerleading (motions, jumps, and formations) as well as learn cheers and chants.  We use these skills to cheer at the home 6th grade football games.  The cost to join is $15.00 to pay for their uniform and sign up is at the end of each school year. Sponsor – Elizabeth Hittle


Dance Club – 5th/6th graders learn the fundamentals of dance (motions, steps, moves) and use these skills to learn a dance that will be performed at home 6th grade football games.  Cost to join is $15.00 to pay for their uniform.  Sign up is at the beginning of each school year. Sponsor – Elizabeth Hittle


Ambassadors Club – 6th graders who have exemplified positive behavior,  grades and citizenship are nominated by their 5th grade teachers to be school leaders during 6th grade.  They are office scouts, assist families during back to school nights, give tours to the incoming 4th graders, select a philanthropy to support, help with the annual LSIS food drive, and greet families during evening events (band/orchestra performances, variety show, etc.) Sponsor – Elizabeth Hittle


B-Block – 5th/6th graders learn about sportsmanship as well as cheering and supporting a team.  They learn the cheers and chants that the cheerleaders perform and chant with them during home 6th grade football games.  Sign up is at the beginning of each school year.  Cost to join is $10.00 and pays for their B-Block shirt and gives them free admission into all of the 6th grade home football games. Sponsor – Elizabeth Hittle


Boys Book Club – 5th/6th grade boys who share a love of reading and books can have a meeting place in which they can discuss these topics.  Friends are made and things are learned due to a new guest speaker for each meeting.  Successful males from varying occupations and specializations from around our community are sought out to come in and speak to our members.  Guests not only share about their occupations and how they impact the community, but they also explain their reading habits of old and present. Sponsor - Grace Gillespie


Reading with a Resident – Students who participate has a weekly opportunity to visit our older generation at St. Mary’s and/or The Springs Healthcare facilities.  Students not only enjoy reading with the residents, but also enjoy hearing stories from the past from the mouths of those who lived it. Sponsor – Christina Stanfield


Intramural Sports – Girls/Boys Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer programs last approximately 6-weeks.  The first 3-weeks are focused on basic skills of the game while the last 3-weeks are more geared towards scrimmages and game situations. Sponsor – Molly Pratt


First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Club – The club focuses on giving students the opportunity to learn about the design process to solve problems and have fun in the process.  Students learn simple machine and programming fundamentals using the LEGO Mindstorm and EV3 robotics platforms during the after school practices throughout the fall semester.  Team members use the knowledge they gain during this time and compete in a local FLL regional competition against schools from all over Indiana.  Students present their research to judges, have their robots complete assigned tasks on a playing field, and demonstrate good character and teamwork skills throughout the season. Sponsor – Brian Bettag


Fellowship of Christian Students – Students meet twice a month for meeting with opportunity for weekly morning prayer.  We have a Bible study and worship time; with prayer and snacks.  We also work on mission projects to help our community here and around the world. Sponsor - Kathy  Trillingham


Broncho Game Club – The Broncho Game Club promotes the social interaction and strategic thinking of our students through a multitude of board games, card games, and other table-top venues.  This club promotes all types of school-appropriate, non-electronic games.  We have a collection of 40+ games the students can play or they may bring their own.  Students can participate whenever they are available (they do not have to attend all meetings).  Club meets after school once a week until 5:30.  The Game Club sponsors three “Evening of Games” throughout the year where students can stay after school on a Friday night until 10:00 p.m. playing games, eating snacks and dinner and participating in a tournament (selected by the game club members). Sponsor – Louis  Hoefer


Sunnyside 4H Club – This club promotes civic duty, physical activity and a variety of arts, crafts and project-based experiences.  The club is highly student-directed (we vote on what projects and activities we plan to do for the year).  We do lots of craft projects, play PE-style games, learn useful skills such as First Aid and animal care, and take lots of fieldtrips.  The club meets twice a week for an hour after school.  We try and involve families, having several outings with parent volunteers and whole family participation.  Many of the arts and crafts we work on are 4H-related and help prepare a student for participation in the county fair if they are interested.  Attendance at the school-based club meetings counts toward the required meetings for county-level 4H participation.  Students who are not interested in participating in 4H at the county level may still attend this club just for the fun of it, without further commitment. Sponsor – Louis Hoefer


Lafayette Sunnyside Student Council – 5th/6th grade student that are elected each fall by their respective teams sit on a council that pursues community projects, such as collecting canned food for Food Finders.  Student Council helps to facilitate school programs like the “Invite a Sunnyside Staff member to Lunch” program, helping out with gift preparation for Staff/Teacher Appreciation Week and helping to run the various booths during the Spring Fling. Sponsor – Dawn Sargent


Art Club – Art Club is a great after school art outlet for students.  Creating public art works such as the mural in the hallways and the Autism Awareness Weeks signs.  Students are able to have more creative freedom outside of the classroom. Sponsor – Bethany Hohman


Cross Country Club – Cross country running is a sport in which teams of individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain.  Our course is a loop of 1 kilometer in length.  The terrain is approximately 90% grass and 10% pavement.  While being physically active in a supportive environment, students will learn the basics of distance running including:  dynamic stretching, pacing speeds, racing speeds, varying distances and teamwork.  The club is co-ed and accepts all performance levels. Sponsor – Mark Acher


Marathon Relay Team – Winter Club – Students complete a multiple week run training program in order to compete as a team a full 26.2 mile marathon.  Teams of student runners take turns completing a 1 mile loop course until the full distance is covered.  Students learn and achieve the benefits of committing to run training in a fun and safe environment.  The activity is co-ed and accepts all performance levels. Sponsor – Mark Acher